’it’s just a matter of how you look at it’

For me the name ‘Kaleidoscoop’ is symbolic; it represents the versatility of everything and everybody and also the different ways of looking at things. I’ve always had a fascination with kaleidoscopes and how you can always see and discover different or new things in them.

I’ve chosen to spell Kaleidoscoop the way I have because it says something about my quirkiness and that I like to see and do things just a little different.


After high school, I worked in restaurants, cafes and bars for about 10 years. I then decided to pursue a degree in Social Work after which I first went to work in residential youth care and later transitioned to mental health care. I did this with lots of love for many years until I slowly began to feel stuck. I was working in a system where I felt the walls closing in, restricting my ability to do what I was born to do.

Throughout the years I’ve gathered diverse facets of wisdom, studies methodologies, models and various alternative practices. My toolbox is constantly growing, enabling me to better facilitate your process, whether you feel stuck or wanting to deepen, with or without diagnosis.

I am the tool I work with and I chose to put myself in service of others. For me that means taking care of myself as best as I can and to keep developing and evolving myself. Which is why at this moment I’m studying to become a Holistic Therapist so I can add that to my toolbox.