I like to show with whom I collaborate and in what way. Feel free to reach out if you feel we could be of help to each other.


One of the most enjoyable things for me is collaborating from a place of connection. Whether it’s about creating new things together or shaping existing things in a unique way, or even collaborating for an entirely different reason; I believe in the astonishing results that come when people connect from their passion and skills. Collaborations often lead to ideas that you would never have thought of alone. Together, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

The Kaleidoscoop logo is an example of this. By collaborating with Janneke from Jitz and combining components from 3 of her  designs, the final logo was created.

Kaleidoscoop Tasman NZ schelpen

Praktijk Janneke Hanssen and Camping Landgoed de Gortmeule

I once ended up in Janneke’s practice as a client. Now we work together and organize workshops and meditation mornings at Camping Landgoed de Gortmeule.

Praktijk Wildgroei

Yvonne from Praktijk Wildgroei is also a Holistic Therapist in training, and we met in the peer supervision group we are both a part of. At her practice we offer an Energetic Duo Treatment with Sound Healing.

Additionally, she’s gracefully allowing me to use her practice space to offer treatment sessions.

Nelleke Jansen

Nelleke was once my intern in the world of mental health care. Now she helps me with things such as creating social media content, as I neither have the passion nor the skills for it, but luckily she does!